Our Vision

At Grattan Real Estate we believe in going far beyond the traditional services of a real estate agency, challenging ourselves to inspire growth and connection in our communities by sharing our knowledge, expertise and information.

We help you achieve maximum growth and enjoyment from your property throughout your entire property journey.


Our Values


Creating a positive culture and connecting people, services and information within our communities for the benefit of the whole.


Sharing and working together for the growth of our communities and members of those communities. Continual education of our team to provide the very best services and community benefits.


Challenging the status quo and continually improving on every aspect of what we do and the technology we use to do it.


Providing value to others as our first priority through reliable, consistent, honest and responsible service.


Providing the finest real estate services.


Our Mission

To live joyfully, share our knowledge and grow with our communities.


Our Real Estate Services

We believe quality, integrity and exceptional service are the cornerstone of successful real estate transactions.

Our team of friendly professionals are highly trained and skilled in providing the very best customer service experience. Whether you are buying, selling or just looking for market insights, we provide expert advice and unique service tailored to your individual requirements, in a transparent and pressure-free environment. We are passionate about using our extensive industry experience and ability to work closely as a team to produce outstanding results for our clients, while making a positive contribution within our community.

Because “first impressions matter”, we understand superior marketing is paramount to achieve the highest possible sale price in the shortest time. We utilise magazine-quality professional photography, outstanding advertisements, and the very best innovative technologies to ensure your property has maximum exposure and impact in the marketplace. Our extensive communication and support throughout the entire process of buying or selling is a critical element in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. Our partnerships with industry leaders provide you with access to the ultimate professionals, the latest technologies, and the finest services when you choose Grattan Real Estate.